Many local and regional governments…

…are ideating concrete innovative solutions to address the challenges and aspirations of their communities by bringing care at the center of their action.

The Local4Action HUBs platform, powered by UCLG, is the space to connect with, learn from, and get inspired by ground-breaking projects led by members of our constituency to foster more sustainable ways of living, in line with the mandate of UCLG to implement a Pact for the Future.

Local4Action HUBs are a double-faceted story…

They allow the leaders and communities behind these locally-driven initiatives to feature their impact in front of an international audience, expand their outreach beyond their communities and inspire others. And they offer the chance to be closer to the local life behind the projects, around the Mayors, bringing in citizens and all relevant stakeholders contributing to foster real change. Because, in order to thrive, innovation needs inspiration. To co-create a better normal towards sustainability and embrace the transformative role of local and regional governments by learning from each other. For people and for the planet, to break through as one.

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Local-Global Connection

Contribute to the global conversation on sustainability from a grounded reality while bringing a Global Label to the local level.

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Accelerate implementation of global agendas through networked localization efforts in the UCLG community.

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Increase opportunities for collaboration and synchronization and new ways for members/ partners/constituencies to relate to each other.