An opportunity…

…to showcase and synchronize local practices and initiatives on sustainability in an international platform facilitated by UCLG.

The Local4Action HUBs are a means to get closer to local challenges, aspirations and initiatives as experienced by members themselves:

To be closer to local life, around the Mayors, including citizens and all relevant stakeholders driving transformation towards sustainability.

Three key concepts…

…should underping all Local4Action HUBs

As an international platform, HUBs represent a great opportunity for local and regional leaders to showcase those initiatives developed in their city or region they feel proud about – because they define where they come from or they show a commitment, their willingness to innovate or the dynamism of local stakeholders and the urban fabric.

If you want to know more about the concept, the duration of the HUBs, and more details about the next steps and key features.

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Local-Global Connection

Contribute to the global conversation on sustainability from a grounded reality while bringing a Global Label to the local level.

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Accelerate implementation of global agendas through networked localization efforts in the UCLG community.

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Increase opportunities for collaboration and synchronization and new ways for members/ partners/constituencies to relate to each other.