Join the Local4Action HUB Bilbao – City of Values!

7 Oct 2021

Are values important for your city or local government? Do you think they should be?

Join our Local4Action HUB Bilbao – City of Values (still open for registration)

Values are today, more than ever, at the heart of the challenges our cities and local governments are facing. The Local4Action HUB Bilbao – City of Values initiative aims to promote a joint and participatory reflection with other cities, local governments, and institutions, on the importance of values as tractors of transformation and sustainable urban development.

Based on the successful experience of Bilbao City of Values, the HUB will develop a framework of shared values between the participating cities, local governments, and institutions, and encourage the development of projects in each participating city and local government, sharing their own experience.

The Local4Action HUB Bilbao was launched on June 28, 2021, and will last until March 2023. It is structured around three Forums that will be held virtually, leading to the joint creation of a Manifesto of Values, a Charter of Values, and an Agenda of Values of the HUB ecosystem.

The first Forum will take place on October 19.

Registration for the Local4Action HUB Bilbao is still open and we invite all cities, local governments, and institutions of UCLG to participate in the HUB by clicking here.

More information:

Join the Local4Actio HUB Bilbao!

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