Venice City Solutions 2030


The Venice City Solutions 2030 was conceived as a yearly event that highlights the role of local governments as key implementers of the 2030 Agenda. Building on the innovative experience brought about by the different HUBs, it aims to produce political recommendations, identify tools for local and regional governments to implement the SDGs and how they are working in other places.

Before becoming a Local4Action HUB, Venice City Solutions 2030 has focused on essential aspects of local SDG implementation, including multilevel financing, citizen engagement, and comprehensive city analysis.


The Local4Action HUB AICCRE – Venice City Solutions 2030 is conceived as a yearly space designed to foster multistakeholder and HUB-to-HUB cooperation, learning, and innovation by bringing governments and cities worldwide together with universities, businesses, NGOs, and civil society.

In collaboration with UNDP, UN-Habitat, the UN SDG Action Campaign, and United Cities and Local Governments, it offers a space to share and showcase experiences, culminating in a collective body of political recommendations fed by practice and ideas exchange to contribute to the political narrative around localization and fostering new partnerships. Therefore, it aims to serve as the Hub of the HUBs, forging connections and driving local-to-global collaboration.Each year recommendations are presented at the High-Level Political Forum, the formal mechanism to follow up on SDGs that gathers in New York in July of each year, giving the opportunity to transfer to member states and governments the new ideas and solutions identified during the event.

Expected Outcomes

  • Build a concrete experience at the local level that can be replicated at other levels.
  • Promote innovative city models that accelerate sustainable global development for all the partners.
  • Build paths that synchronize all hub actions into a single advocacy and lobbying activity for local authorities.


The Local4Action HUB has been able to transmit the global experiences of the cities of the world in an innovative way, speaking to the world institutions, dialoguing with local governments and adapting the narrative capacity according to the partners: a story-telling made of stimulations, visualizations, linguistic creativity.

Link to Agenda 2030

  • All SDGs
  • Particularly SDG 17 – Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development


Link to the UCLG Pact for the Future for Humanity

  • All commitments of the Pact for the Future


The Local4Action HUBs AICCRE offers the possibility for different HUBs to share processes, innovations, and knowledge of the initiatives currently being developed. It builds a platform for debate, collaboration, and common learning as they interact with peers and showcase their own experiences to other key actors. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to highlight the local-global connection, the possibilities of acceleration and synchronization of local actions to ensure stronger and sustainable impact.

Venice city solutions events

  • Venice City Solutions 2022 : held online on November 28-29, 2022, centered on ‘Flipping the Script’ for achieving more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable cities and territories, prompted by the global upheaval caused by a two-year pandemic. Read more here.
  • Venice City Solutions 2021: Hosted online and in Venice from the 2nd to the 3rd of December, 2021 under the motto “SDGs Solutions to Rethink the City,” this edition focused on how cities and local governments contributed to making the SDGs a reality for all. Read more here.
  • Venice City Solutions 2020: The event focused on “Visualizing Agenda 2030 in the City,” considering how the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs provided the shared roadmap and vision for the future of cities and territories, particularly in the face of the pandemic crisis. Read more here.

HLPF Events

  • Presentation of recommendations to HLPF


  • All documentation is available on the Venice City Solutions website.

How to join the Local4Action HUB

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