Action and Cooperation for Municipal Public Services


Public services are a critical factor in improving the quality of life for citizens, ensuring social cohesion and human development. The global challenges we face position them as essential tools for shaping public policies aligned with the development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

With this idea in mind, in 2018 and as a result of continuous efforts by FAMSI and its members, the “Alliance of Municipal Public Services” was established, comprising more than thirty entities. It has led to the initiation of new technical cooperation actions between municipal and provincial public enterprises, political and technical authorities, primarily in the water, waste, and local development sectors. The Alliance is an innovative program that links and values the actions of municipal and provincial public enterprises. These entities ensure an objective vision based on real municipal cooperation and offer high-quality technical solutions. They pursue social profitability, create jobs, and are economically viable. Therefore, they serve as ideal models for strengthening local governments and enhancing their competency management.


The Local4Action HUB FAMSI aims to encourage interested members to advocate for green-focused public service management, utilizing the platform as an accelerator and synchronizer. In addition to promoting local public service management models as guarantors of cohesion and equity, and using successful municipal public enterprise models, the initiative will expand these models to other continents, share best practices, and ultimately enhance the management of these services.

Its objective is to strengthen the network as a space for engagement, advocacy, and action in defense of the public management of municipal services, linked to ecological transition and the green economy, in the context of post-COVID recovery and aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The Local4Action HUB FAMSI is action-oriented, serving as a space for triangular and South-South technical cooperation on municipal public enterprises, public service advocacy, and innovation with a green focus, aiming to share applicable initiatives and enhance the relationship between its members.

Expected Outcomes

  • Strengthened alliance between municipal public enterprises for the promotion of technical cooperation and peer-to-peer methodologies at the international level.
  • Development of positioning and analysis documents for the defense of basic local public service management as accelerators of SDG localization in the territory.
  • Identification of scenarios and practices where public service management contributes to economic recovery with a green and ecological transition perspective.
  • Models for mainstreaming horizontal cooperation in municipal public services.


The Local4Action HUB FAMSI is born from local experiences and has a local application, but it has a global vocation, placing the defense of public service management at the center of the debate. It is based on the exchange of knowledge among local governments regarding local-level public service management models and mutual learning. The activities and outcomes are designed in a way that allows the participation of local partners from around the world.

Link to Agenda 2030

  • SDG 11 – Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  • SDG 17 – Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development


Link to the UCLG Pact for the Future of Humanity

  • Commitments for People
    • C2 – Foster universal and equitable access to public services, including housing, health, education and participation in cultural and political life. 
    • C5 – Guarantee decent work and fair pay for all, based on the respect of the principles of subsidiarity, shared responsibilities and collaborative implementation, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Commitments for Planet
    • C3 – Foster local economic development policies that foster new indicators based on quality of life and well-being rather than on growth and economic performance and connect systems of cities with their surrounding hinterlands.
    • C7 – Provide essential services accessible to all in proximities with the least amount of travel. 
    • C9 – Foster open, accessible and verifiable information and data to promote inclusion, education and communication.
  • Commitments for Government
    • C4 – Strengthen public institutions to enhance the protection of our global commons and provision of public goods. 
    • C10 – Pivot the role of local and regional governments in regards to the future of work, beyond legislation and job provision, acknowledging the notion of time as a currency and its lack of availability as a form of exclusion that must be addressed.


Link to other Global Agendas

  • New Urban Agenda


  • Internship and Micro-Investment Program to support innovative actions for the improvement of local public services, with a focus on the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda. Read more here
  • Technical cooperation agenda on local public service management. Read more here


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