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Since 2016, the Province of Córdoba has been dedicated to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, viewing it as a valuable tool for crafting impactful public policies. This approach involves the evidence-based management of public policies, collaboratively designed within governance frameworks and aligned with global agendas. By considering the 2030 Agenda as an instrument for policy implementation, the Province of Córdoba actively engages various stakeholders from government, the private sector, academia, and civil society, enabling thep Province to identify priorities and strategic directions that are well-suited to the local context.

During 2022-2023, the Province of Córdoba adopted a collaborative approach to develop public policies targeting key areas of provincial sustainable development. These initiatives encompassed gender equality in employment, addressing the digital divide, promoting education for employment, and improving habitat and access to essential services. Moreover, the province has set its sights on advancing new strategically focused agendas, recognizing the significance of SDG 9 in fostering a productive transformation that enhances local well-being and sustainable development.

As a top priority, Córdoba seeks to promote equitable and innovative productive development by incorporating new global transition agendas into its public policies. To achieve this objective, the province has initiated the design and coordination of an institution that can effectively respond to these transitions, utilizing the management tools advocated by the 2030 Agenda, including data analysis, governance mechanisms, multisectoral partnerships, and knowledge exchange.


SDG 9 is considered a catalyst for the transformation toward more sustainable production and development models, with medium and long-term effects on industry, consumption, local services, and the creation of more inclusive and equitable cities and territories.

In line with the effort to localize and accelerate the implementation of SDG 9, the Local4Action HUB of Provincia de Córdoba, known as Productive TransformAction, aims to expedite international cooperation processes among Ibero-American local and regional governments. Its goal is to catalyze the implementation of specific public policies aimed at promoting productive transformation through multi-actor governance, while addressing energy-climate, technological-digital, and socio-demographic transitions. As a core objective, this Local4Action HUB aims to bring together governments, businesses, universities, and other private actors from Ibero-American regions. The purpose is to facilitate the exchange of tools and experiences, promoting regional and local productive development through transformative action.

Expected Outcomes

The Local4Action HUB Provincia de Córdoba is actively working to achieve the following results:

  • Establish a platform for political discussion to facilitate collaboration and alliances between LRG in matters of productive transformation. This platform aims to exchange knowledge, challenges, and best practices regarding the adoption of the three major productive transitions: energy-climate, technological-digital, and socio-demographic.
  • Form a circle of technical professionals representing businesses, academia, and other private sector institutions from Ibero-American regions. These experts will meet to exchange successful experiences and facilitate technological transfer with the goal of driving productive transformation.
  • Collaboratively build a series of agile and practical digital documents and tools that provide guidelines, best practices, and success stories of high-impact policies. This will be achieved by collecting and considering the results and statements from the Forum and the Circle within each transition agenda.


The Local4Action HUB Provincia de Córdoba connects local policy-making with global policy-making by fostering multi-actor international cooperation, bringing together representatives from governments, businesses, universities, and civil society organizations worldwide. This initiative encourages active collaboration and participatory international governance, ensuring that local policies reflect international best practices and align with global goals and agendas. Conversely, by sharing its best practices, the Local4Action HUB Provincia de Córdoba contributes to global discussions, ensuring that local policies not only address regional issues but also contribute to broader and globally aligned objectives

Link to Agenda 2030

  • SDG 7 – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
  • SDG 8 – Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • SDG 9 – Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
  • SDG 11 – Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  • SDG 12  – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • SDG 17 – Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development


Link to the UCLG Pact for the Future of Humanity 

  • Commitments for People
    • C10 – Respect for planetary health and the well-being of future generations. 
  • Commitment for Planet
    • C3 – Foster local economic development policies that foster new indicators based on quality of life and well-being rather than on growth and economic performance and connect systems of cities with their surrounding hinterlands.
    • C5 – Transition to renewable energy systems as a pressing priority to a more sustainable and just future.
    • C7 – Provide essential services accessible to all in proximities with the least amount of travel. 
    • C9 – Foster open, accessible and verifiable information and data to promote inclusion, education and communication.
  • Commitment for Government
    • C5 – Involve the scientific-community, civil society and local communities in the process of policy and decision making.
    • C10 – Pivot the role of local and regional governments in regards to the future of work, beyond legislation and job provision, acknowledging the notion of time as a currency and its lack of availability as a form of exclusion that must be addressed


  • Forum: political dimension, involving regional and local governments
  • Hub Circle:  technical dimension, involving academic, business, and chamber actors
  • Sustainable Development Kits:  specific instruments with tools and best practices derived from the Forum and the Circle to contribute to the sustainable local productive transformation


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How to join the Local4Action HUB

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