SAVE THE DATE! Launching of the Local4Action Xi’an from the 10th to the 12 of August!

2 Aug 2021

Local4Action Hub Xi’an on Youth Education and Dialogue will be launched on 10-12 August 2021. All cities, territories and key partners are invited to join this dialogue aiming to share ideas and perspectives on sustainable urban development.

The Local4Action HUBs focus on youth as the most accurate barometer of time. Progress made by youth unveils endeavors in improving sustainable development made by a country and region in culture, economy and society. Local and regional governments need to thrive for youth development. The session will build a dialogue mechanism for young officials from different backgrounds, raise their awareness on Sustainable Development Goals, promote cultural exchanges and cooperation, and enhance local governance capabilities to benefit the people.

This special session will be done in the framework of a three-day training program that will focus on the localization of SDG 4, 8, and 11, and includes 5 lectures and 1 forum, providing young officials with opportunities to discuss important topics, including urban governance, poverty alleviation, big data and ecological civilization through urban governance practices and cases.

We invite you to register the Training Program and the Forum to receive meeting ID and passcode and finish the Registration Form and send it back to Xi’an’s focal point Ms. Iris Zhao at

Come and join our celebration!
More information on the Launching of the Local4Action HUB Xi’an:

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