Venice City Solutions 2030, Annual Gathering

Local4Action HUBs gather once a year to celebrate, interact and exchange in the framework of Venice City Solutions 2030, a yearly event aimed to advance in the local implementation of the SDGs by identifying and sharing existing tools available to local, regional governments and its partners.

The Local4Action HUBs Annual Gathering offers the possibility for the different HUBs to share the processes, innovations and knowledge of the initiatives currently developed and to build a platform of debate, collaboration and common learning as they interact with peers and showcase their own experiences to other key actors. Furthermore, the gathering gives the opportunity to highlight the local-global connection, the possibilities of acceleration and synchronization of local actions to assure stronger and sustainable impact.

This space for interaction will congregate the diverse local and regional solutions and experiences brought and developed by the Local4Action HUBs in one place giving the possibility for commonly thinking, networking and connection. In this way, the gathering helps the Local4Action HUBs to recognize themselves and be recognized as a community growing together to foster the role of local and regional governments in the implementation and shaping of the Global Agendas.

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Concept Notes and Agendas

Venice City Solutions 2021

Co-organised by UCLG, AICCRE, UNPD, UN-Habitat and the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, Venice City Solutions 2030 was hosted online and in Venice from the 2nd to the 3rd of December. Under the motto “SDGs Solutions to Rethink the City, the fourth edition focused on how cities and local governments are contributing to make SDGs a reality for all, considering 2030 Agenda and the SDGs as both a shared roadmap and a vision for the future of cities and territories.
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Venice City Solutions 2020

Venice City Solutions 2030 is an annual event to advance and promote localization of the SDGs, identifying and sharing promising tools and practices of local and regional governments. This year, the event focused on Visualizing Agenda 2030 in the City, in consideration of how the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs provide the shared roadmap and vision for the future of cities and territories, particularly in face of pandemic crisis.
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